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Cookie Monster Is Out Of Control

      I am really struggling to give up carbs this time. My holiday binge has taken me up 8 pounds since Thanksgiving. Everyday I tell myself this is the last day I will freely eat cookies, pastries, candy, and ice cream. Yesterday's weigh-in was demoralizing. From the moment I stepped off the scale I have tried to strengthen my commitment to the steps that got me down 25 pounds. It's tough this time but I have to do it.  Cookie Monster eat better today.

First 2 Weigh-Ins of 2022

     Obviously I enjoyed the food and drinks of the holidays and little more than I should have. From November 22nd through January 3rd I added back a little more than 7 pounds. I tried to resist but quickly gave in and let myself enjoy everything . As disappointed as I am with myself most of time I'm going to cut myself a break and focus forward. I lost 25 pounds in 6 months last year and I will lose 25 again in the next 6 months.