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Like a good short sale...

 ...the numbers keep going down.

The Monday Weigh-In: September 20, 2021

     Monday's weigh-in marked 7 straight weeks of weight loss. It was less than the 2 pound minimum I targeted, however, the 7 week trend continues down and I will take any number as long as it is lower than the last one.  It was another week of lower calorie healthy food without a serious exercise boost.  I'm lifting light weights but I haven't gotten into any cardio.  That's something to work on.     The lower number was exciting and I continue to feel much better and more energetic.  The best part of this weeks progress came when I tried on a pair of pants that I had never been able to wear.  In May I bought two pairs of khakis in a size 36.  I didn't try them on before I bought them.  I assumed I only added 2 inches from the 34's I couldn't fit into anymore.  I took the pants home, put them on, and could not button them. It wasn't even close. I was too fat.  I was also too stubborn to exchange the pants or buy 38's. I wore one pair of stretchy 36

10 Pounds in the First Month

     I was really looking forward to today's weigh-in and was pretty confident that I would get under 180.  There was a nagging thought, however, that the large lunch and dinner on Wednesday might have been too much. Maybe that extra Perfect Bar I had yesterday was going to keep me a few ounces from the goal.  Did I exercise enough? (No.)  I'm very goal oriented and I don't like missing my goals.  So when the numbers rolled to a stop like the wheels on a slot machine.....     It wasn't like a jackpot but it still felt pretty good to hit the goal. I know that from prior weight loss efforts that the first 10 is always the easiest.  I'm 10 down since I started the blog on August 9, and 15 since my high weigh-in back on May 24.     For this week I'm going to shoot for 3 pounds down.  My walking and running is limited by Plantar Fasciitis.  I love my Dr. Martens but the lack of an arch tore my foot apart.  I downloaded the app for renting bikes downtown so I will giv

Weekly Weigh-in Biweekly Update

    In January of 2017 I saw my doctor in California for a routine physical. I knew my weight was high but I didn't realize until that day that I was 204.  I had never weighed that much.  I had been on blood pressure meds since 2014 but they didn't seem to be helping.  I certainly wasn't taking enough responsibility for things I could do to manage my blood pressure and other out of balance aspects of my health.  Based on my blood work my doctor wanted to add "pre-diabetic" meds to my BP meds.  Adding new meds was not a step I was willing to take.     Based on all of this new information from my doctor I did start to take my health and weight seriously again.  When I had my appendix out in September of 2018 all of my blood panel numbers were in normal ranges, my blood pressure was normal and healthy, and I stopped the blood pressure meds.  My weight was down over 40 pounds from 204 in 2017 and I maintained the low to mid 160's until the pandemic months arrived.