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I am a Starbucks partner. I oppose the effort to unionize.

  I recognize that unions are critical to our overall economy and the financial well-being of many Americans. Tens of millions of families have lived better lives because unions have lifted their wages and benefits and have in turn done so for families who were not union members. I have personally benefited from union membership throughout my life. Disappointingly,  Starbucks Workers United has proffered little, if any, useful benefits for Starbucks employees. Their "economic proposals" make it difficult to take the organization seriously. The demands of SBWU may very well turn out to be detrimental to the interests of Starbucks partners if any of them are to become reality. Starbucks provides above and beyond for its employees and rather than be vilified for that they should be held up as the example every other company in the industry should live up to.  If I thought SBWU could improve what Starbucks currently provides and that unionization could solve the issues the organi

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