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I lost 18 pounds on the "Stay out of Starbucks" diet plan!

     I have been looking forward for weeks to making this post. I was 182 pounds when I sadly resigned from Starbucks on September 19. Today, after being kept away from the constant temptation of the pastry cart and from 3, 4, or 5 lattes a day, I am down 16 pounds and back to 166.      166 is also a big deal for me because that's exactly my weight on January 18 of 2020 before the onset of the pandemic. Like millions of us I packed on pounds during lockdown. I hit a peak of 194.2 in May of '21. I felt miserable.       I started this blog in August of '21 when I decided to get serious about taking off the weight. From August to November last year I dropped a quick 20 pounds from 189 to 169 right before Thanksgiving. Then I gave in to the holidays and put half of it back on. After the holidays and into the new year I couldn't get back the commitment I had last fall. I got serious again this August and this time I'll only take a light but disciplined break for the holi