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The "benefits" of being the OG at Starbucks

As I engage with the short form Twitter world on issues relating to the unionization effort at Starbucks, my position on the issue, as well as my position at Starbucks, is often distorted and exaggerated by the pro-union crowd. I am a part-timer in a green apron, passing out drinks, making friends and having a fun social time away from my solitary home-based day job. I get very flexible scheduling allowing me to do my 9:30-4:00 work from home, have excellent benefits, and enjoy my free or discounted coffee. I'm there for the depth of benefits available to all Starbucks part-timers that we can't get anywhere else. In 2018 I had a Cadillac health plan through my wife's Teamster's Union job that cost us nothing out of pocket. When that marriage began winding down I had to find my own insurance. When considering my options for health insurance, I looked into various full and part time positions as well as buying insurance directly. As Starbucks was known for having excellen

June 13

It's hard to believe and somewhat disappointing that it has been more than 6 months since I hit my year low of 169. The good news is that after a few weeks of a diet and exercise reset I am feeling much better and my waist size has shrunk a comfortable amount. Under 175 as of Monday, I'm pushing a little harder on the bike to get the 169 mark as soon as possible.