I am a Starbucks partner. I oppose the effort to unionize.

  I recognize that unions are critical to our overall economy and the financial well-being of many Americans. Tens of millions of families have lived better lives because unions have lifted their wages and benefits and have in turn done so for families who were not union members. I have personally benefited from union membership throughout my life. Disappointingly,  Starbucks Workers United has proffered little, if any, useful benefits for Starbucks employees. Their "economic proposals" make it difficult to take the organization seriously. The demands of SBWU may very well turn out to be detrimental to the interests of Starbucks partners if any of them are to become reality. Starbucks provides above and beyond for its employees and rather than be vilified for that they should be held up as the example every other company in the industry should live up to.  If I thought SBWU could improve what Starbucks currently provides and that unionization could solve the issues the organi

The "benefits" of being the OG at Starbucks

As I engage with the short form Twitter world on issues relating to the unionization effort at Starbucks, my position on the issue, as well as my position at Starbucks, is often unclear and fabricated by the pro-union crowd. I am a part-timer in a green apron, passing out drinks, making friends and having a fun social time away from my solitary home-based day job. I get very flexible scheduling allowing me to do my 9-5 from home, have excellent benefits, and enjoy my free or discounted coffee. I'm there for the depth of benefits available to all Starbucks part-timers that we can't get anywhere else. In 2018 I had a Cadillac health plan through my wife's Teamster's Union job that cost us nothing out of pocket. When that marriage began winding down I had to find my own insurance. When considering my options for health insurance, I looked into various full and part time positions as well as buying insurance directly. As Starbucks was known for having excellent benefits I l

June 13

It's hard to believe and somewhat disappointing that it has been more than 6 months since I hit my year low of 169. The good news is that after a few weeks of a diet and exercise reset I am feeling much better and my waist size has shrunk a comfortable amount. Under 175 as of Monday, I'm pushing a little harder on the bike to get the 169 mark as soon as possible. 

Summertime Goal Reset

     It's been so long since I've weighed myself or posted a weight update I somewhat forgot why I started this blog. I lost 20 pounds in 105 days leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday last year. I decided to take a break between the holidays from the healthy meal plans I was on. As it turns out that ended up being between the holidays of Thanksgiving and Memorial Day. In that time I added back 10 pounds of what I lost. I've been maintaining my weight in the upper 170's and I can feel the sluggish difference.       With yesterday's unofficial start of summer I decided this is a good time to reset the calendar and apply myself between the holidays of Memorial Day and Labor Day. When I lost the 20 last year it was mostly through careful, healthy dieting and mild to moderate exercise. This summer I'll do the diet again but up the exercise intensity. I rejoined Planet Fitness after staying away during the pandemic. I'm setting the target for my original goal of

This is what Starbucks means by "Customer Connections"

I've been at Starbucks for 3 1/2 years. I didn't think I would do it for nearly this long. After the twists, turns, and travels of my life, however, I have stumbled into something that for 20 years I used to only joke about as my next career. I get so much out of it personally that it makes me a little sad when I remember that the day will come that I will step away from it. Yesterday was another of those unexpected days when a customer reminded me that I am not the only one who leaves our window with a smile and a good memory. I am grateful everyday for my time at Starbucks and for the collection of beautiful cards I will have when I am done. Thank you, Jeff, wherever you are.

Montour Church Starbucks has a new Instagram

The Starbucks at Montour Church Place has a new Instagram page. Stop by to get a Pup Cup for your dog (or cat) and we might get your pet onto our Instagram. Visit MontourChurchStarbucks on Instagram to see what we're up to today.

Post Las Vegas Rebound

  I'm not going to get too excited here about losing 3 pounds in a week. At last weeks weigh-in I was still stuffed from over-eating in Las Vegas. I did exercise more this week and I walked a lot to keep my step count up in line with all of the steps I walked in Vegas. High step counts come easily on the Strip. I ate very well in the past week in spite of a Saturday pizza and McDonalds binge that I thought for sure was going to blow it. Can I lose three more in the next week? I am inspired.

What Happens in Vegas....

...doesn't always stay in Vegas. Like buffets, burgers, and beverages.... I weighed myself on the morning of my flight to Las Vegas and thought maybe, just maybe, if I watched what I ate and did a lot of walking I might be able to even lose a little weight on the trip.  I mean, why not? A trip to Vegas could be part of anyone's weight loss plan, right? I added 2.2 pounds on my trip to Vegas to reach 179.8. As my scale measures in 2 tenths of a pound I am one digit away from a 180 handle. I hit my low of 169 the week of Thanksgiving and have been creeping up ever since. I continue to negotiate with myself about all the little things I'm going to do "this week" to start dropping weight again. Instead, I procrastinate daily the kind of commitment I made last year that allowed me to effortlessly drop 25 pounds. Today, March 14, I will get on the exercise bike again. I will cut off my food intake no later than 6pm. I will drop the coffee that I have let again become a