Launch Day!

    A few months ago I decided that in my quest to get back to a healthy weight I would start a blog to chronicle my progress. In those months I have opened Blogger and stared at the "New Post" link with all the enthusiasm one might feel if clicking that link would remove their own spleen. After all of the procrastination and anxiety about starting a weight loss plan and a public blog, it is the silly insignificant measure of .4 pounds that has motivated me to get on with it. Yes, four tenths of one pound is all it took. 

    In pre-pandemic January 2020, I, like many of us, was significantly smaller in the midsection.

    I was a 34 waist, now 38. I wore medium shirts, now awkwardly draped in larges. My average daily step count is 50% below my pre-pandemic average. My pandemic diet was all the wrong foods for a quarantine lifestyle as Uber Eats dropped off more meals than I cooked. The biggest difference, however, is how I feel. 30 pounds ago I had so much more energy and no aches or pains. I am definitely feeling the effects of the added weight. I can not keep up with the tasks and lifestyle I had before. For that reason most of all it is time to get serious. 

    I stepped on the scale this morning for the first time since May 24. To my relief I weighed under 190 for the first time this year. It was by a slim four tenths of a pound but hey, now I'm committed to staying under 190 and getting straight to my first goal, 180.  

    While I do welcome anyone who finds this dime-a-dozen blog to follow along, the main purpose is for me to publicly journal my efforts and keep myself accountable. I'll write about my health goals and progress, and probably some other subjects. For your amusement perhaps I'll share some before and after pictures too.

    Three weeks ago I ate 5 pints of Ben and Jerry's in two days. If I have to report on myself I might be motivated to avoid that oh-so convenient GoPuff app.

Thanks for your visit!


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