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Today I Resigned My Part-Time Gig At Starbucks

     It has been a fun and rewarding 4 years. I have enjoyed every shift. Regrettably, the opportunities in other parts of my life have made it impossible for me give the time to Starbucks that I would like. I extend my sincere thanks to everyone on both sides of the window who made my time at Starbucks some of the most stress free and enjoyable years of my grown-up life.  ✌️❤️☕️

Starbucks contends with the latest inconsistencies from the union

    This week, Starbucks Workers United has turned its exaggerated social media campaign to the issue of negotiations. In filing their petitions to organize, the union fought to have their elections by individual store, insisting that each store is a unique unit that should bargain based on that store's needs. Now, in a complete turnabout, the union suggests that they will propose a single set of contract terms to cover multiple stores. The union, in its own writings, has acknowledged repeatedly that contract negotiations under normal circumstances take more than 1 year. With more than 230 stores now requiring negotiation it is not unreasonable to expect a considerable addition of time to the bargaining process.       The third parties behind Starbucks Workers United, SEIU and Workers United, have never achieved a contract for any company they represent that is as comprehensive or strong as what Starbucks has offered for 30 years without a union. Below is a list of the initial dema