What Happens in Vegas....

...doesn't always stay in Vegas. Like buffets, burgers, and beverages....

I weighed myself on the morning of my flight to Las Vegas and thought maybe, just maybe, if I watched what I ate and did a lot of walking I might be able to even lose a little weight on the trip.  I mean, why not? A trip to Vegas could be part of anyone's weight loss plan, right?

I added 2.2 pounds on my trip to Vegas to reach 179.8. As my scale measures in 2 tenths of a pound I am one digit away from a 180 handle. I hit my low of 169 the week of Thanksgiving and have been creeping up ever since. I continue to negotiate with myself about all the little things I'm going to do "this week" to start dropping weight again. Instead, I procrastinate daily the kind of commitment I made last year that allowed me to effortlessly drop 25 pounds.

Today, March 14, I will get on the exercise bike again. I will cut off my food intake no later than 6pm. I will drop the coffee that I have let again become a part of my morning routine. I will drink 100 ounces of water. I will do these things, and take the other steps, that helped me lose 25 pounds last year.

My short term goal is 177.4 pounds on the morning of  March 21. 

My intermediate goal is 169 on the morning of April 11.  

My longer term goals.........


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