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Post Las Vegas Rebound

  I'm not going to get too excited here about losing 3 pounds in a week. At last weeks weigh-in I was still stuffed from over-eating in Las Vegas. I did exercise more this week and I walked a lot to keep my step count up in line with all of the steps I walked in Vegas. High step counts come easily on the Strip. I ate very well in the past week in spite of a Saturday pizza and McDonalds binge that I thought for sure was going to blow it. Can I lose three more in the next week? I am inspired.

What Happens in Vegas....

...doesn't always stay in Vegas. Like buffets, burgers, and beverages.... I weighed myself on the morning of my flight to Las Vegas and thought maybe, just maybe, if I watched what I ate and did a lot of walking I might be able to even lose a little weight on the trip.  I mean, why not? A trip to Vegas could be part of anyone's weight loss plan, right? I added 2.2 pounds on my trip to Vegas to reach 179.8. As my scale measures in 2 tenths of a pound I am one digit away from a 180 handle. I hit my low of 169 the week of Thanksgiving and have been creeping up ever since. I continue to negotiate with myself about all the little things I'm going to do "this week" to start dropping weight again. Instead, I procrastinate daily the kind of commitment I made last year that allowed me to effortlessly drop 25 pounds. Today, March 14, I will get on the exercise bike again. I will cut off my food intake no later than 6pm. I will drop the coffee that I have let again become a