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Summertime Goal Reset

     It's been so long since I've weighed myself or posted a weight update I somewhat forgot why I started this blog. I lost 20 pounds in 105 days leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday last year. I decided to take a break between the holidays from the healthy meal plans I was on. As it turns out that ended up being between the holidays of Thanksgiving and Memorial Day. In that time I added back 10 pounds of what I lost. I've been maintaining my weight in the upper 170's and I can feel the sluggish difference.       With yesterday's unofficial start of summer I decided this is a good time to reset the calendar and apply myself between the holidays of Memorial Day and Labor Day. When I lost the 20 last year it was mostly through careful, healthy dieting and mild to moderate exercise. This summer I'll do the diet again but up the exercise intensity. I rejoined Planet Fitness after staying away during the pandemic. I'm setting the target for my original goal of