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October 25 Weigh-In


Like a typical stock chart...

      ...nothing goes in a straight line.     For this week's weigh-in I had my first week of a weight increase rather than a decrease.  This didn't surprise me as my diet was off track and my weekly activity was down.  I didn't eat badly but I took in more calories than I was burning.  With that in mind I am making sure to reset my meal plans and get back to the times I am eating them.  Having my last meal between 3 and 6 PM has been important to my plan.  For the past year I was eating far too many calories, and bad ones at that, after dark and up until midnight.  As I lay in bed at night feeling a little bit hungry I simply tell myself that is the sound of fat leaving my body.       HOWEVER...  with this little set back I decided to slip in an opportunity to have a cheat day.  When I have a good weigh-in I am less inclined to have a cheat day because I feel that if I do I am taking a backwards step from my progress.  This week, since I had a tiny setback anyway, I might

First Weigh-In of October: Down 15 pounds in 7 weeks!

       In the fall of 1998 I went shopping at Target for a pair of jeans.  I thought I knew my size, as I thought I did when I bought pants in May of this year, but as I did this year I underestimated my weight and size.  In the fitting room I was mortified to find that for the first time in my life I had to buy pants in a 36 waist.  I still remember that upsetting fitting room experience.  I went home and got on the scale to see that I was something just over 180 pounds.            It shouldn't have come as a surprise that I had just reached the peak of my weight at that point in my life.  For several years before I was drinking up to four Mountain Dew per day as my "energy drink".  I don't think Red Bull was a thing yet and I am grateful for that.  Earlier in 1998 I had switched to bottled Starbucks Frappuccino, again three or four per day, to drink something "healthier".  I made bread at home and ate it by the loaf.  My lifestyle was high carb and low exe