Like a typical stock chart...

     ...nothing goes in a straight line.

    For this week's weigh-in I had my first week of a weight increase rather than a decrease.  This didn't surprise me as my diet was off track and my weekly activity was down.  I didn't eat badly but I took in more calories than I was burning.  With that in mind I am making sure to reset my meal plans and get back to the times I am eating them.  Having my last meal between 3 and 6 PM has been important to my plan.  For the past year I was eating far too many calories, and bad ones at that, after dark and up until midnight.  As I lay in bed at night feeling a little bit hungry I simply tell myself that is the sound of fat leaving my body.  

    HOWEVER...  with this little set back I decided to slip in an opportunity to have a cheat day.  When I have a good weigh-in I am less inclined to have a cheat day because I feel that if I do I am taking a backwards step from my progress.  This week, since I had a tiny setback anyway, I might as well do a little more damage before I reset the plan. So, with that in mind, I did what I haven't done in two months.

GoPuff Ben Jerry's cookie dough

    But wait! There's more!

Ben Jerry's cookie dough mint chocolate cookie

    I had enough GoPuff points for a free pint of Ben and Jerry's.  Free ice cream is such a dilemma for me that it might as well have already been in my freezer. After all, who can fall asleep with an uneaten pint of ice cream in the freezer?  Not this guy!  It took less than 30 minutes after delivery for me to empty both pints.  It felt like that time I found my second favorite flavor, Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch, in the convenience store freezer.  I hadn't seen it in stores for so long that I bought all 10 pints that they had.  I put them in my deep freezer with the intention of having one a week.  Instead, I wiped out all 10 in two weeks.  The upside was I didn't crave that flavor again for about a year.  This week I feel as though I've handled my ice cream needs for the next two months.  

The profile tells it like it is: "Ice Cream Junkie".


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