Stocks Aren't The Only Thing I Chart!


    The day after I shot the video I made 159. This feels great! The best thing is I am not even craving the cookies. Three boxes are chilling in the freezer for that next major level, 149. When I bust those cookies out it will be live on TikTok and then posted here.

    I'm using an app called "Simple App" to track my food, drink, and fasting times. It has helped tremendously in staying focused and on the path. Before I used the app I felt like I was just winging it everyday with the keto and the varying hours that I fasted. I was already down 10 from 182 to 172 when I started using the app, but since then the weight has come off more quickly as I now have a plan to follow and track my progress. 

    The biggest difference though is that I simply have a different frame of mind about my health and my weight. I'm a minimalist and very good at shedding things I don't need. I have applied that same mindset to my weight. I simply don't need the extra mass around the middle. It's bad for me and I don't need it. I am letting it go.  


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