2022 Starts TODAY!


    My preferred way to enjoy the holidays was to work at Starbucks every day and hour that I could. I put in 95 hours in the two weeks leading up to Christmas including a very fun 11 hours on Christmas Day.  There was tremendous Christmas spirit on both sides of my drive through window.  The partners all worked hard and we had a good time; the customers were amazing and brought their holiday cheer. I was especially grateful to get this handmade card from some very special children. This card alone made it all worthwhile.

     I gave myself a bit of a break this holiday season and let myself enjoy the Cranberry Bliss Bars, Sugar Plum Danishes, Peppermint White Hot Chocolates and home made cookies that tempted me nearly everyday. I also crushed two boxes of my annual White Fudge Oreos. After a few days of denying myself I chose instead to celebrate the 25 pounds I lost this year and dive into the holiday indulgences. I added back 5.2 pounds since November 22 and that's OK. The commitment to my health, however, renews today. Yesterday's weigh-in of 174.4 is my last of 2021 and I'm going to work hard for consistent weekly declines in the numbers.

    Let's welcome '22 with nothing to dread, and put sugar plum Danishes out of our head.

Happy New Year!


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