All right! I feel like this train is back on the rails.  This is down exactly 25 pounds in 6 months.

    If I can lose 25 more in the next 6 months that will put me in a normal BMI range and right where I want to be.

    After being stuck at 171 for three weeks I made a few small adjustments back to what I was doing on my way to 171.  Those changes were all in my diet.  I went to Costco and bought lots of salad ingredients and cartons of blueberries. For my main meal of the day I've been having a 4 egg, spinach, and feta omelet. I'm mixing fresh blueberries into my Greek yogurt. During the three weeks of holding 171 I was snacking on peanut butter throughout the day. There are a lot of calories in those tablespoon helpings of extra crunchy peanut butter so I've eliminated that.  I also stopped my daily two cups of coffee and triple blonde shot, sugar free vanilla, oat milk latte.  As of today I am completely off of caffeinated drinks.

    Can I reach 166.x next week?  I feel inspired to make it happen.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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