The Monday Weigh-In: September 20, 2021

    Monday's weigh-in marked 7 straight weeks of weight loss. It was less than the 2 pound minimum I targeted, however, the 7 week trend continues down and I will take any number as long as it is lower than the last one.  It was another week of lower calorie healthy food without a serious exercise boost.  I'm lifting light weights but I haven't gotten into any cardio.  That's something to work on.

    The lower number was exciting and I continue to feel much better and more energetic.  The best part of this weeks progress came when I tried on a pair of pants that I had never been able to wear.  In May I bought two pairs of khakis in a size 36.  I didn't try them on before I bought them.  I assumed I only added 2 inches from the 34's I couldn't fit into anymore.  I took the pants home, put them on, and could not button them. It wasn't even close. I was too fat.  I was also too stubborn to exchange the pants or buy 38's. I wore one pair of stretchy 36's all summer rather than give in and buy bigger pants.  Now when I put on the 36's they button easily and are not at all tight.  That is this weeks best motivation to keep up the work and make sure I do not break the downtrend on my weight loss chart.   


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