10 Pounds in the First Month

    I was really looking forward to today's weigh-in and was pretty confident that I would get under 180.  There was a nagging thought, however, that the large lunch and dinner on Wednesday might have been too much. Maybe that extra Perfect Bar I had yesterday was going to keep me a few ounces from the goal.  Did I exercise enough? (No.)  I'm very goal oriented and I don't like missing my goals.  So when the numbers rolled to a stop like the wheels on a slot machine.....

    It wasn't like a jackpot but it still felt pretty good to hit the goal. I know that from prior weight loss efforts that the first 10 is always the easiest.  I'm 10 down since I started the blog on August 9, and 15 since my high weigh-in back on May 24.

    For this week I'm going to shoot for 3 pounds down.  My walking and running is limited by Plantar Fasciitis.  I love my Dr. Martens but the lack of an arch tore my foot apart.  I downloaded the app for renting bikes downtown so I will give that a try.  

    I was telling myself all weekend that if I made the goal this week I was going to splurge on some Millie's ice cream.  But, no, that would feel like a step backwards.  When I'm on a roll, I like to keep it rolling.


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